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Why Cozumel?
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Cozumels reefs are some of the most diverse, varied and dramatic in the world.

Whether Explorer or Marine Biologist, Pro or Novice, Critter-lover of Adrenalin-seeker, this is an island that can fulfill everybody's idea of diving bliss.

A maze of coral tunnels, canyons and caves provide the perfect backdrop to inspiring underwater images. Plateaus heave with critters, larger predators and myriad forms of enigmatic marine life.

From high-flying drifts to abyssal walls, 'flat' reefs brimming with turtles, rays, big fish and sharks, to rolling landscapes of exquisitely coloured sponges, the reefs provide a an infinite adventure playground, and a dazzling, contrasting abundance of energy and life.

It is no surprise that Cozumel is one of the worlds most sought-after diving destinations. This has to be one of the only places where your dives can provide exactly what you want. Together with your VIP Private Dive Guide, off the beaten track, whether you want challenging depths, or harmony and zen, you are absoloutely guaranteed an Extraordinary, Personalised Experience.

Please visit our facebook page for VIP diving 'off the beaten track' in Cozumel, and wonderful images and films made by our guests.

Heres our article on Cozumel Diving in general: http://divemagazine.co.uk/destinations/mexico/7691-dive-guide-to-cozumel-the-riviera-maya


What do our guests think?

Mitch Yankowitz, LA, 2017:
"Dear Guy and Anita, I cannot thank you enough for the best week of SCUBA and underwater photography of my life! I’ve been diving all over the world since the age of 12, and this was by far the best experience I’ve ever had.

"Your knowledge of the flora and fauna of Cozumel is unsurpassed and Guy is a fantastic VIP guide. Even though I’m an experience diver, I found that his guidance and advice honed my skills and comfort in the water, taking it to a new level. The personalized dive master service was a real treat".

"While I’m a decent photographer, I was never thrilled with my underwater photos. Guy worked closely with me and my equipment teaching me the finer points of shooting in raw/ manual mode, composition, lighting, and working with both my wide-angle and macro wet lenses. He also gave me excellent guidance how to approach many sea creatures such as turtles, toad fish, and sting rays without spooking them to ensure I got the best photos. We even spent time in the afternoons reviewing my photos, with Guy teaching me how best to enhance them in Adobe Light Room and Photoshop. I highly recommend that anyone wishing to improve any underwater skills spending a week with Guy in the beautiful pristine waters off the coast of Cozumel". Mitch Yankowitz


Hollywood Stars Kimberly Leemans and Falk Hentschel in Cozumel:
"I just had the most wonderful experience of filming a movie that required underwater shots, including a scene with Bull Sharks. The challenge of having to communicate underwater, while scuba diving, and handling the elements couldn't have gone smoother or easier without my wonderful underwater Film Director Guy".

"Guy's level of expertise and attention to safety, from start to finish, let me easily trust him with my life and my performance. The footage that I was able to see before the final edit looks absolutely unbelievable! "Not only did he help me make memories of a lifetime, he made me look great making them!" "I'm so looking forwards to a sequel, or to work on any project with him in the future.... Merci Guy!" Falk Hentschel Kimberly Leemans


Easy Peasy Films VP/Owner, Nigel Hudson, Hollywood, LA:
"I had the honour of filming alongside Guy Chaumette, a man with many decades of experience and knowledge filming underwater. I couldn't have asked for a more spectacular experience."

"My company specialises in underwater filming, and being up to date with all the latest and best skills are vital to my business. Liquid Motion's Guy Chaumette is a highly trained Filmmaker, Teacher and Instructor, considered by most as one of the very best in the profession. Not only did Guy help me hone my diving techniques, he also gave a me a new set of skills, that I will be able use for life".

"I was extremely pleased with all all the services, the professionalism, and the unique one-on-one care given by Anita and Guy to each of their guests. Everything was private, personal and customized to me. Whether you are a novice or a professional, diving for pleasure or honing your skills, these VIP services are designed to fit your needs".

"If you are looking for valued, trusted and completely professional underwater experience, this is the only place to go. I couldn't have asked for a more spectacular adventure. I can guarantee you, you will be satisfied. Enormous thank you to Anita and Guy". Nigel Hudson


Pec Indman EdD, MFT, San Diego:
"Anita and Guy! Thank you for a life changing experience! I can't seem to find the words for all the emotions I'm feeling. I made it home filled with joy and love from this trip. It's been a week of fantastic experiences on so many different levels"

" The night before our dive, Guy came to my hotel to go over the plan and discuss the dives. The next day the dive boat picked me up, and away we went. We dove together, without having to worry about other divers. Spending the surface interval together, we reviewed my photos and discussed the second dive and my hopes".

"Guy is incredibly enthusiastic and eagerly shares his vast expertise. He is a wealth of information. Really, there are no words to describe the joy and happiness I feel about this trip, and the big role you both played in making it absolutely wonderful. Thank you again for a life-changing experience and thank you for having such open hearts..This surface interval is already way too long". Pec Indman

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