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Your Diving

liquidmotion dive cozumel VIP

Our VIP Dive Services start by understanding your personal preferences, needs and desires, then meticulously selecting and planning world-class dives, to deliver the dive experience of a lifetime.

How do you like to dive? What do you want to feel?

Before your trip, we listen. We want to learn your unique, personal interests, wishes, and goals.

Where did you dive before? What do you love? What is your preferred diving style?

Are you looking for adventure, adrenalin and excitement, or peace, harmony and 'zen'? Are you an experienced rebreather diver, seeking hours of bubble-free fun? Or just discovering your passion, fine-tuning buoyancy and breathing, ready to embrace your 'flow'?

Do you want to fly with the current over endless miles of reef, or experience the bliss of 'being', remaining stationary in one place? Do you crave adventure, exploration, deep caverns, caves and new terrain, or prefer seeking enigmatic critters hidden in the sand? Do you long for unlimited bubble-free, diver-free time? Help with underwater video shots? Freedom to create photos, films and art?...

What would your own personal underwater adventure look like?

First Class, Exclusive diving is a true luxury service, which starts by understanding your needs and desires, and is meticulously planned, to deliver the private diving of a lifetime. 


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Your Team

liquidmotion dive cozumel VIP

dive cozumel VIP anita guy instructors filmmakers private VIP scuba diving

With over 30 years experience and an expert knowledge of 5-star diving globally, Dive Cozumel VIP is Professionally provided by Liquid Motion's acclaimed, award-winning Filmmakers, Photographers, Master Instructors & Marine Experts, Guy & Anita Chaumette.

Experts in Fish Behaviour, Pioneers of 'Fluo-Diving', Movie Producers, Marine Specialists, Explorers, Environmentalists, Educators, Authors and Speakers on Oceanography & Marine Protection, Guy and Anita are renowned, award-winning National Geographic Photographers & Filmmakers, with an incomparable expertise in Professional Underwater Imaging.

Master Instructors and Rebreather Divers with a 30 year success and 100% safety record, the team has a lifetime love of Marine Biology, Science, Exploration, Education, Conservation and a never-ending passion for being underwater. They specialise in providing incomparable personal service, private instruction, dive itinerary planning, and professional luxury guiding for super yachts, VIPs and individuals all over the world.







liquidmotion dive cozumel VIP


dive cozumel VIP luxury private customized tailored personal scuba diving


fluo-diving in cozumel


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VIP Service, from arrival to departure.


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The Dive Trip of a Lifetime.

An Extraordinary, Personalized “Experience".